The Military Intelligence Museum

In the Museum the work of the Mission is explained in detail by means of a striking wall display and a figure scene. Full detail is also provided by an Interactive System on how the Mission was organised and equipped and how it operated. It also reveals the details of the harassment, detentions, ramming and shooting incidents which the Soviets and East German Intelligence Services used against them.

Outside the Museum a fully restored touring vehicle as used by the Mission can be seen as well as a Soviet Signals Intelligence vehicle which was used to intercept the radio communications of the Forces of the Western Allies stationed in West Germany.

The BRIXMIS Display

Help for Heroes

Backed by the Army Benevolent Fund and the Chief of the General Staff, it aims to help the wounded.

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion provides financial, social and emotional support to millions who have served and are currently serving in the Armed Forces, and their dependants.


The Veterans UK website provides a host of information on issues of interest to veterans.

Veterans Gateway

Thefirst point of contact for veterans seeking support. We put veterans and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need – from healthcare and housing to employability, finances, personal relationships and more.

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